Where Are We Going? | Teaser

1080 HD
1 min 39 sec
Action Comedy

Celal and Cemal are two very close friends. Celal the trickster, Cemal, on the other hand, is innocent, oppressed and good-natured. Celal always finds something to get him in trouble for. Cemal is dragged into trouble with him. Celal and Cemal hit hard rock this time. So can they be saved?

  • Director
    : Ahmet Debelemez
  • Casting
    : Mücahit Can, Kahraman Bağdat, Beytullah Gökçe, Enes Malik Bıyık, Muhammed Can, Oğuzhan Baysal, Mahir Çoşkun, Orhan Bağdat
  • Production
    : Firewall Studio
  • Guest Actor
    : Aydın Gültepe, İhsan Emanet, Mustafa Öksüz
  • Camera
    : Enis Özbey
  • Post Production
    : Ahmet Debelemez
Where Are We Going? | Teaser