Smoked Lamb Shank

21 min 15 sec

While Big Brother is preparing to cook Lamb Shank smoked with oak wood in the oven, Little Brother is preparing the stuffing for the pita. They put the Lamb Shank in the oven and start preparing the dough for the pita. They prepare the pita bread and throw it in the oven, and when it comes out, they eat the pita with crispy edges and delicious taste, followed by drinking tea brewed in a samovar. Lastly, they eat the lamb shank and oven-baked vegetable plate with pleasure. A video without documentary narration, but you will pass out while listening to the sound of nature.

  • Director
    : Ahmet Debelemez
  • Casting
    : Emre Arık, Eren Arık
  • Production
    : Firewall Studio
  • Post Production
    : Ahmet Debelemez
Smoked Lamb Shank

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